Homeless Del for Traverse City Mayor


“In the race for Traverse City Mayor…a whopping 63 percent say they remain undecided.” - the ticker.tc 9.23.13
If a homeless person can sometimes beat 4-10 person teams in trivia, why can’t he win as Mayor of Traverse City?
Are you one of nearly two-thirds of Traverse City’s voters whose choice for Mayor is NOTA, None Of The Above? If so, I am Del and I want to be your Mayor. (I get no state support, but I did get two degrees from a public university in Ann Arbor.)
So can we talk issues here?
Let’s keep Traverse City’s Open Space open. For less than the cost of hotel room, Open Space with its view of the Bay can be rented and promoters can charge up to $50 a person for admission to public land which should be open to the public. Why do Traverse City residents and businesses subsidize these Mega-events? Not the way to pay for city pensions either when the going Open Space rate recently was $485 for a peak five days.
Also lets move Cherry Festival with its two-story high inflatable liquor bottles in-land to the NW Michigan Fairgrounds instead. If the Blue Angels visit for a show over the Bay, then the public can bring their folding chairs, blankets and to-go meals from a food truck or one of our many restaurants to the waterfront. Also Cherry Festival wouldn’t have to exile the farmer’s market from its usual downtown location.
Remove the $100/day penalty the city imposes on arts and craftspeople to display their work. I was not a fan of the carnies that set up in a Front Street breezeway either, but Traverse City should use Santa Fe, New Mexico as an example. There, artisans at the Palace of Governors of all places can set-up during the day, but have to remove their display at the end of each day.
The objective is clear: Traverse City can be the Most Creative Community on the Great Lakes where folk want to start their careers, raise a family and then semi-retire. Yes, semi-retire. We should work with state officials to allow any semi-retired Master’s degree holder to take a 3-6 credit course (versus a full education degree) so they can teach their skills to our youth, our future tax payers.
Lets encourage our creative neighbors and area farmers who grow local produce, bake our daily breads, and make our favorite noshes by reducing red tape so they can bring their product to market—sometimes even on a bike. Oh yeah, lets happily compost in the end too.
You control the pen, not the Boys in the Backroom, to write-in "Homeless Del" for Traverse City Mayor. Not politics as usual in these times: Give ‘em Del.
Questions? Comments? Twitter.com/traversetweet #DEL4TC